About Nostalgia

Since 1998 Nostalgia has taken resident in a beautiful monumental building on 37 Herenstraat in Amsterdam. The store, the 40 square meters surface filled to the brim with antique treasures awaiting you!

Heleen den Ronden

The owners name is Heleen den Ronden, Heleen is no stranger to the world of antique dealers. She started her antique career in her early years when she exploited a stand on the famous Noordermarkt in Amsterdam.

Her ‘fine nose for precious objects’ earned her a considerable reputation and helped setting up her famous collection of jewellery and silverware. She was a favourite amongst national and international couturiers who loved to call upon her jewellery collection to adorn their work.

In 1990 Heleen took the first step from a market stall to a real shop with a building on the Egelantiersgracht, in Amsterdam where she opened the doors to the Nostalgia store for the very first time.

Two years later the shop was getting to filled up to do business in and Nostalgia moved from the Egelantiersgracht to a bigger building in the Berenstraat. This is one of the famous "Negen Straatjes" in Amsterdam (the "Nine Streets" - another famous shopping area in Amsterdam).

A huge clientele and a growing collection made another relocation inevitable. In 1998 the doors on 37 Herenstraat opened and gave the beautiful historical building a new destiny. The first thing you see when you arrive at the address are the many chandeliers, heavy with crystals and honey coloured, warm lights flooding out through the shop window. When stepping inside you can imagine yourself stepping into a fairytale world of filled with lights and sparkling silver, glass, jewels and so much more, you’d have to see it to believe… and your believed to become greedy!